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Post-Op Instructions



For your pet’s safety, please read and follow these instructions. The clinic will handle, at minimal cost,
 any post-op complications from the surgery, only if these instructions were followed:
1.       No running, jumping, playing or strenuous activity for 7 – 10 days. Pets should stay indoors and be kept quiet. Walk dogs on a leash and keep cats inside for the entire recovery period.
2.       Keep your pet dry for 7 to 10 days. No baths, swimming or rolling in wet grass. The top layer of the surgical incision is closed with surgical glue and will open if the area gets wet. 
3.       Check the incision everyday. What you see today is normal…there should be no discharge and
                minimal redness or swelling. DO NOT let your animal lick the incision area.   If this occurs, you will need
                to buy an “e-collar” (plastic lampshade) either here, at your vet or at a pet supply store.   
Unless otherwise noted, there are no stitches to remove. Your pet has stitches under the skin, which will dissolve over the next few months.  Your pet did receive a small green tattoo to identify that it has had surgery—this is not a second incision or an infection .
4.       Do not feed or water your pets until 8 PM the night of surgery, and only offer a small amount of both; however they may not have a full appetite until tomorrow.   Do not change their diet or give table scraps as this can mask post-op complications. 
5.       Do Not give your pet any human medication such as Aspirin, Tylenol or Advil. Your pet received pain medicine at the time of surgery. Some animals are 100% right away, while others recover more slowly. Lethargy lasting more than 48 hours after surgery, diarrhea or vomiting are not normal and you should call the clinic at  352-376-NMHP (6647).   Dogs may  have a slight cough for a few days. 
6.       IF you have any questions or concerns about your pet after surgery, call the clinic anytime during our open hours. We are happy to help and will re-check your pet if necessary.
7.       IF your pet has an emergency after hours, call the clinic at 352-376-NMHP (6647)  and follow the instructions on the voicemail. However, this emergency number is only for problems related to the surgery.  


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