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Where in the World is the Big Fix Rig?

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 Many of you may have seen the Big Fix Rig at No More Homeless Pets in Gainesville, FL and even had your pet or feral cat spayed or neutered on it. It is an impressive surgical unit that was designed and built by Humane Alliance in Asheville, North Carolina with the generous help of PETCO Foundation and the Bosak and Krueger Foundation. This 53 foot trailer serves as a high-volume, high-quality, low-cost, surgical suite capable of sterilizing more than 50 animals a day.

This clinic on wheels traveled thousands of miles to help save pets lives by preventing unwanted births though spay and neuter surgery. Targeting pets in need, the Big Fix Rig was used in the hurricane ravaged communities in Louisiana and Mississippi. In 2009, Humane Alliance donated the Big Fix Rig to No More Homeless Pets in a collaborative effort to end the euthanasia of companion animals and feral cats through sterilization, education and community involvement in Alachua County, FL.

Thanks to generous donations from individuals, businesses and foundations in our compassionate community, the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners, grant funders such as PETCO Foundation, and PetSmart Charities, No More Homeless Pets has sterilized thousands of animals on the Big Fix Rig in Gainesville, Florida for low cost and no cost to the pet owner. Simultaneously, our onsite clinic Operation PetSnip was under construction at the 4205 NW 6th Street property next to the Alachua County Humane Society.

When No More Homeless Pets moved off the Big Fix Rig and moved into Operation PetSnip in November 2011, sterilization surgeries never ceased. Currently over 11,300 companion animals and feral cats have been fixed though this project.

Today, we are happy to announce the Big Fix Rig has a new home in California. The University of California, Davis, Koret Shelter Medicine Program in partnership with Yolo County Animal Services,Yolo County SPCA and Yolo County Sheriff Office are working together to offer low and no cost spay and neuter of pets belonging to low income people, trap, neuter and return program for feral cats and training veterinary students to sterilize cats and dogs on the Big Fix Rig. No More Homeless Pets is proud to Spay it Forward with the Big Fix Rig to the UC Davis project and help end needless pet euthanasia through spay and neuter surgery.

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