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Feral Cat Guidelines



1.       Feral Cats MUST arrive in a humane trap owned by Operation PetSnip or Operation Catnip. At this time we are unable to accept personal traps. One cat per trap. No Exceptions.
2.       If you need to borrow a trap, please call the clinic at 352-376-NMHP (6647).
3.       We prefer appointments for ferals but understand that is not always possible. Due to our very full schedule, it is advisable to inform us before attempting to trap.
4.       Any cat arriving in a feral trap will automatically have its left ear tipped to indicate that the animal has been spayed or neutered.
5.       The $50 feral price includes surgery, anesthesia,1-year rabies and distemper vaccinations and pain medications.
6.       Ferals go home the same day of surgery. We require trappers/caretakers to house the feral cat overnight to allow for further recovery prior to re-release. 

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